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Is there an opportunity for the community to take control of the impending consolidation of Ypsi and Willow Run public schools, and push for a visionary curriculum?

If you’re a regular reader of this site, you know that my friend Maria Cotera has, over the past few years, been sharing reports with us on the status of Ypsilanti’s public schools. From the closing of Chapelle elementary to the the adoption of the recent deficit elimination plan, she’s established herself, at least in […]

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Maria Cotera on the consolidation of Ypsilanti and Willow Run schools

As you may know, there’s a movement afoot to merge the struggling school districts of Ypsilanti and Willow Run. The hope is, if we’re able to accomplish this, it may save us some money, by eliminating redundancy. Perhaps more importantly, though, it would demonstrate to the Republicans in Lansing that we’re willing to do whatever […]

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Only you can save Heritage Fest

A letter went out yesterday from the organizers of Ypsilanti’s Heritage Fest, encouraging new people to get involved with the planning of the annual event. According to an article on AnnArbor.com, Barry Marshall, the chairman of the festival’s Board of Trustees, has said that without the influx of new people and energy, the event, which […]

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Stuffing a little person in a bag

I’m tempted to have my daughter do it. It is, after all, about time she started pulling her own weight around here. Seriously, though, would you ever consent to being stuffed into a bag by a stranger? As for little people, I’m not sure what kind of local population we have these days, but legend […]

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Might now be a good time to revisit the City and Township coming together?

I received the following note from a friend today: I’m wondering what the future holds with GM’s Willow Run plant closing. Think the township might be more interested in merging? Ypsi Township’s foreclosure rate is the highest in Washtenaw County right now, and without Willow Run, they are in trouble. When we’ve broached the subject […]

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