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Michigan’s License to Discriminate invoked as pediatrician turns away the newborn child of a gay couple

During the Michigan legislature’s lame duck session last December, as you might recall, our elected representatives in the House passed something called the Religious Freedom Restoration Act, which, if signed into law, would give Michiganders of faith (whatever that means) the freedom to discriminate against those they feel to be unworthy in the eyes of […]

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Remember to move your money to a credit union on Saturday

I hesitate to give people financial advice, as I don’t want to come across like Glenn Beck when he asks his followers to consult with God and then invest everything they own in over-priced gold coins, but, as this Saturday is Move Your Money to a Credit Union Day, I thought that I should at […]

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France and the perceived failure of multiculturalism

The French government announced on Friday that, from now on, public prayer would be illegal. The move, which comes on the heels of legislation prohibiting French students from wearing headscarves and French women from wearing the face-covering niqab in public, is said to be in response to the fact that French Muslims, unable to find […]

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God will fix the Gulf coast

A well-meaning, but perhaps not terribly bright, group of Christians gathered yesterday, along to Gulf coast, to fight the oil washing up on their beaches. Here’s footage from FOX. And, here, for those of you unwilling to watch the video, is a direct quote from one of the participants: “We’re not ones to sit there […]

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