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I know we live in a post-fact word where shit like this doesn’t matter to voters, but damn…

This morning, on the ABC News program “This Week”, George Stephanopoulos asked Donald Trump about a number of subjects, including his ties to Russian dictator Vladimir Putin. And, during the course of the interview, Trump was asked specifically about the fact that members of his campaign staff recently fought to change the GOP platform, removing […]

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Romney’s proposed tax cuts don’t add up… but, if you say that, you’re probably just a liar

Mitt Romney, knowing full well that the President is going to challenge him on his “facts” in their first face-to-face debate, which is scheduled to take place in three weeks, is going on the offensive, attempting to claim the mantle of truth-teller. In an interview a few days ago with George Stephanopoulos, Romney said that […]

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To the old woman next to me at the gym… It’s John Boehner who’s the asshole, not you

I should know better than to watch political programs while at the gym. This morning, while watching Ohio Congressman John Boehner being interviewed by George Stephanopoulos on “This Week,” I caught myself saying, “You’re an asshole,” to the television. Of course, given where the television was in relation to my exercise bike, I was staring […]

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