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Putting the finishing touches on the virtual Mark Maynard that will be doing all of my socializing for me this evening

I tried meditation, exposure therapy, Chinese herbs, and any number of other things, but, in the end, I decided to overcome my fear of people through the use of technology. Thanks to my friend Chris, who came though with a projector, and Linette, who going to help me fashion the head, I’m now just a […]

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Hereditary shyness

I had an interesting conversation with Clementine yesterday, between buckets of beer at German Park. I’d been encouraging her to go over and play with the nieces of a friend, who were about her age, and sitting at the base of a tree, building a lunch room for some tiny rubber hamster type things that […]

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Hopefully the handwriting is all that she inherited from me

On Christmas day, this was the note, written by Clementine, that all of my relatives saw as they approached our front door. Clementine, wearing her sparkling purple cape, felt that everyone should be officially greeted. While it somewhat concerns me that her handwriting is almost identical to my own, at least she doesn’t seem to […]

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