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Hitchcock includes a subtle shout-out to Ypsilanti in North By Northwest

It’s rare that Ypsilanti shows up in popular culture. For a while, we were seeing images of Ypsi pop up in films, like Drew Barrymore’s Whip It, and Robert DeNiro’s Stone, but it’s not too often that you buy a record, or see a movie, and actually hear the word “Ypsilanti” being spoken. So, I […]

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Ypsilantians weigh in on potential merger of police and fire departments

Yesterday, I put up an admittedly not so insightful post about the possibility that Ypsilanti’s police and fire departments could be merged in hopes of further containing costs. While the post didn’t shed any new light on the situation, which would likely call for a greater reliance on part-time fire fighters, and a staff of […]

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Housing incentives for municipal employees… is now the right time?

A few days ago, in a post about the recent string of downtown burglaries, I noted that, given that we have fewer police on the streets these days due to budget cuts, it might help if those police officers that we did have working for the City, actually lived here. I don’t know that it […]

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Elvis Costello carries Ypsipanties in his pocket

I’m really burning through my 15 minutes of fame this week. First there was the DeNiro thing showing up on Maxim, and now it seems as though Elvis Costello is making news with our Ypsipanties… Here he is yesterday, on stage at Amoeba Records in LA, holding a pair of our panties while reminiscing fondly […]

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