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Ypsilanti exit interview: Annie Palmer

A few days ago, when I learned that local musician Annie Palmer had packed her bags and fled Ypsilanti, I decided to send her an email and ask why she’d gone. Following, with her permission, is our exchange. [And, yes, I start every conversation with, “What’s your name?”] MARK: What’s your name? ANNIE: Annie Palmer. […]

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When is it time to walk away from Israel?

I had other plans for tonight’s post. I had wanted, of all things, to write about Johnny Cash’s appearance in a 1974 episode of Columbo entitled Swan Song. It’s been one of my favorites for a long time, and I thought that a nice discussion of it would make a welcomed detour from all the […]

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Elvis Costello carries Ypsipanties in his pocket

I’m really burning through my 15 minutes of fame this week. First there was the DeNiro thing showing up on Maxim, and now it seems as though Elvis Costello is making news with our Ypsipanties… Here he is yesterday, on stage at Amoeba Records in LA, holding a pair of our panties while reminiscing fondly […]

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