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“I thought it would be easier.”

Of all the baffling, cringeworthy, infuriating things that Trump has said over these past 99 days in office, I think this is the one that will stick with him to the end. What makes it so striking, I think, is its incredible simplicity and uncharacteristic truthfulness. In an age so full of lies, and so […]

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Shadow 2012 live blog poop

10:29 AM Who knows what the future holds, but, for now, I’m going to be working the first formal complaint booth at the Shadow Art Fair. Complaints are just $1 a piece, unless you require that action be taken, which costs an additional $4. (After ignoring complaints for the first 12 Shadows, it felt like […]

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Local man tires of early morning cock

I just received the following note from an angry reader in Ypsi, and, as we haven’t discussed the subject of city chickens in a while, I thought that I’d repost here… His note, as you will soon see, is primarily about roosters, but I’d be curious to know, now that we’ve had the urban chicken […]

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