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Chris Elliott: A Television Miracle

A few days ago, when I let it slip on this site that my dapper young companion, the accomplished local puppeteer Patrick Elkins, was himself in fact an automaton, which I’d created from a found beard, a magical top hat, and the rusted-out shell of my former mentor’s daughter Vicki, I received an email from […]

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Introducing my new Hall and Oates cover band, Corridor and Grain

Yesterday, after having lunch with my reclusive rock star friend Pete Larson, he and I were driving around Ann Arbor, listening to loud music, with our windows rolled down, and taking turns, as we often do, commenting on how much we hate the things around us. Well, at some point, the Hall and Oates song […]

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Egyptian hypnotism and other illegal moves of incredible beauty

There are so many beautiful things about this video. I just love the announcer screaming, “He’s using hypnosis! How is this legal?” It really brightened up my day. I probably wouldn’t have posted it, though, if not for the appearance of a young man named Greg Excellent at the 1:31 mark. His contribution just put […]

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Action Family

Because I don’t think anyone out there tonight wants to hear my whine about the militarization of the Tea Party movement or the Tea Partyfication of the U.S. armed forces, here’s Action Family.

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