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pencil paparazzi file: Hillary Swank at Eve

This one is a little late, as the sighting took place several weeks ago, but we’ve got another entry for the pencil paparazzi file. This incident, recorded painstakingly in graphite, involves the actress Hilary Swank, when she was in Ann Arbor, making the Betty Ann Waters biopic. We’d heard through the grapevine that she had […]

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Pencil Paparazzi: Hilary and the umbrella

Tonight’s contribution to the Pencil Paparazzi file comes from Ypsi resident Dan Carroll, who observed the following. This drawing comes from my drive-by sighting of Hilary Swank as she hustled down Cross St. All the actors’ trailers are set up across from the Freighthouse, so I assume she was on her way from there to […]

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Pencil Paparazzi: Hilary Swank in Ann Arbor doorway

We have another entry for the Pencil Paparazzi file. This one comes from Doulicia in Ann Arbor. This is from the set of Betty Ann Water’s house, a private residence on Fifth St. in Ann Arbor. It’s 3 blocks from my house, so I walked past it on my way home from work each afternoon. […]

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