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Dershowitz argues that Trump can’t be found guilty so long as he felt his actions, regardless of how self-serving they may have been, were also in “the public interest”

I don’t have a ton of time right now, as I’ve just decided my night would be better spent watching Sidney Lumet’s Murder on the Orient Express than analyzing Pam Bondi’s performance today, but I wanted to at least note the fact that, this afternoon, during the Donald Trump’s Senate impeachment trial, Alan Dershowitz made […]

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Donald Trump Jr. has asked that we discuss Jonathan Turley

I know I should be talking about House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who, earlier today, officially requested that committee chairs in the House of Representatives proceed with articles of impeachment against Donald Trump before exchanging heated words with Sinclair Broadcasting’s James Rosen, but I just noticed that Donald Trump Jr. was upset that “virtually no mainstream […]

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Conservative legal analyst Andrew Napolitano shocks the cast of Fox and Friends, telling them that Democrats are just following the rules put in place by the Republican majority in 2015

Remember how, yesterday, we were talking about how 30-some Republicans, laden with shitty pizza, went storming into a closed session of the House Intelligence Committee, accusing Democrats of somehow breaking the law in the way they’ve gone about prosecuting the impeachment case against Donald Trump? Well, this morning, on the set of Donald Trump’s favorite […]

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