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Michigan Congressman Dave Trott, booed off stage at a Michigan town hall, goes on the offensive, painting his constituents un-American

Republican Congressman Dave Trott, of Michigan’s 11th district, who, by the way, got rich foreclosing on the homes of Michiganders, has taken a lot of heat lately for refusing to meet with his constituents. Well, this past Saturday, Trott finally agreed to come out of hiding and meet with voters in Novi, and I think […]

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Colbert on Kyl’s vestigial tail, sex with cousins, lying on the floor of the Senate

Arizona Senator John Kyl, while making the case on the floor of the Senate for the elimination of Planned Parenthood’s federal funding, said that abortions account for “well over 90%” of what the well-respected women’s health organization does. Then, when it was pointed out to the Senator that abortion services actually only account for 3% […]

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Watching Fox News personalities critiquing Jon Stewart and what’s-his-name

You might find this unbearable. If that’s the case, I’m sorry. I just love it, though. It’s so fun to watch them going on at length about how Stewart is tricking the American people into believing that he’s a real journalist. (The wildly spinning arm of the irony meter could power a small city.) Oh, […]

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Random thoughts on a Thursday night alone

I was all excited to write about this rumor going around today that Chief Justice John Roberts was preparing to step down from the Supreme Court for “personal reasons,” but, sadly, it looks like it’s not true. I hate when stuff like that happens, and I get my hopes all up about something, only to […]

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