Let the record show, Cre Fuller may be a bun smuggler, but he’s no wiener thief

It’s just come to my attention that a WEMU listener who heard my interview yesterday about this weekend’s Wurst Challenge thought I said that one of last year’s competitors – my friend Cre Fuller – ducked out with his 20 feet of sausage early in the competition and started selling it outside for his own financial gain. What I actually said was that Cre was asked to leave the competition when it was discovered that, having eaten his fill, he began selling sections of his 20 foot long sausage under the table, in buns that he’d smuggled in for the occasion. And, for what it’s worth, I also said that he gave all of the proceeds to FLY Children’s Art Center. What’s more, I mentioned this as an example of how awesome people were in finding creative ways, within the parameters of the Wurst Challenge, to support the very important work of FLY… So, if you’re out there looking for Cre right now, either to bring him to justice for sausage theft, or hoping to buy a delicious stolen sausage from him, please turn around and go back home. Are, even though he looks as though he could be one, is neither a sausage thief, nor a back alley sausage peddler. He’s just a good guy who cares about increasing creative opportunities for kids in his community… If you should happen to agree, you can make a Wurst Challenge donation in Cre’s name here.


I should also add that, while it’s true that he didn’t grab a 20 foot long sausage and run last year, Cre was found guilty by us judges of smuggling hotdog buns into the venue, which is strictly prohibited in the Wurst Challenge rule book. And, as that’s the case, we’ll be watching him very closely come Sunday. [note: As I think bun smuggling is a serious issue, I’ve proposed to the owners of the Wurst Bar that they create an ad campaign around a character called the Bunsmuggler… kind of a local version of the Hamburgler… which we can use to start a meaningful dialogue with kids. So far, they have not responded.]

[This post appeared earlier today on Facebook in a slightly abbreviated form. I wanted to copy it here, however, so that I could, for the first time ever, use the tag “bun smuggling.” And, perhaps more importantly, I also wanted to record this comment left on Facebook by Matt Jones: “Everyone knows that the only sausage Cre sells in the back alleyways of Ypsi is his own.”]

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  1. Eel
    Posted May 20, 2016 at 6:48 am | Permalink

    If we elect a Republican, incidence of back alley sausage sales will begin to rise.

  2. Linh Song
    Posted May 20, 2016 at 2:07 pm | Permalink

    I read that as “bun snuggler,” and was immediately charmed.

  3. Rat
    Posted May 26, 2016 at 6:37 am | Permalink


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