lemons into lemon-aide, or is it flies into fly-aide

Last night, feeling a bit sorry for myself, I left a little post here about the tens of thousands of flies that have decided to call our house their home. Well, by some strange twist of fate, I sat down here at my desk this evening, amid those same flies, and happened almost immediately across an article that made me feel absolutely foolish for having complained. You see, there may be a silver lining to fly infestation. Yes, apparently there are scientists hard at work trying to turn flies into the petroleum of the future. As hard as it might be to believe, there are robots being developed at this very moment that are powered by flies So, all I have to do is wait. One day, when all machines are powered by the digestion of flies, I will be like a Saudi Arabian prince. Yes, I may be cash poor at the moment, but I am fly rich. Heres the short blurb from MIT Technology Review, in case you dont believe me:

Fly-Powered Robot
If this is what autonomous robotics has come to, count me out. The robot known as Ecobot II will generate its own energy by catching and digesting flies in a special reactor cell that generates electricity. The robots energy source is the sugar in the polysaccharide called chitin that makes up a flys exoskeleton. Ecobot II traveled for five days on just eight fat flies. Its developers at the University of the West of England in Bristol want to ultimately make the machine predatoryusing human excrement as bait to catch the insects.

OK, Im going to bed now to try to dream of myself as a modern fly tycoon. Maybe tomorrow, if I have time, Ill try to rewrite the theme to the Beverly Hillbillies with me in the role of Jed, and flies, of course, in the roles of oil Im very tired.

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  1. Mark
    Posted September 14, 2004 at 8:48 pm | Permalink

    It looks like Id have a better chance of making a living with flies than with this blog.


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