nice shirt, chuck, but will blood stains wash out?

I want to get to bed so this is going to be fast

First, my stalker turned friend, Chuck, is pushing his luck. (As an aside, Id like to suggest that from now on all stalkers-turned-friends be referred to as Chucks. Can we all agree to that?) Hes now gone on-line selling crappy knockoff Crimewave USA t-shirts, in an attempt to simultaneously earn my respect and piss me off. He has, of course, succeeded. The student, as he is fond of saying, has become the master.

Clementine is doing well. Shes thriving in fact. Thank you for asking In this picture she is wearing a onesie designed by our friends Patti and Andy, the folks behind Flying Bomb records

A reader in New Hampshire, a fellow who a month or so ago sent a text message to from J.D. Salingers front lawn, has now followed up with a photo of the authors mailbox Within two months, I suspect hell be inside, snapping photos of the cranky old man as he sleeps without his teeth. (I, of course, would disapprove as vehemently as Bush has been protesting the ads of the Swift Boat Ass Patrol.)

I have, these past few weeks, been spending my weekends working on a top secret project for a group on the west coast developing on-line algebra programs for the k-12 market. I write clever little scripts and send them off to my contact in Portland who then hires voice actors and animators to bring them to life. Then, I suspect, they either shock and confuse children or motivate them to learn. The still shot above was taken from a scene in which our four young protagonists have been forced by the military to seek the council of an aging fast-food addict. (Its a long story.) At some point, I hope to be able to share the entire episodes with you. Right now, however, I only have permission to show you that one image.

On that note, I must rush off to bed. If I can get there before Linette and the baby, I can pretend to be asleep and thereby avoid doing any more work.

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