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OK, I know that it would make some of you very happy if I never discussed politics again. So, Im going to give you a chance to stop me. Right now, the Washington Post is accepting nominations for their Best Political Blog Awards, and Ive decided that if no one nominates me, Im going to drop out of the political arena altogether. Thats right if I dont get nominated at least once in at least one category, Im pulling the plug on the political commentary and Im going to invest 100% of my energy into the coverage of various ball-shaving techniques and the tracking of the international monkey taint trade So, you conceivably have it within your power to shut me up about the election. All you need to do is not nominate me, and convince your friends to do the same.

Well, as this may very well be my last political post ever, heres a link to yet another brilliant piece by Paul Krugman, the New York Times columnist I once forced to take a copy of Crimewave. If you have a chance, you should read it. Heres how it starts out:

Almost a year ago, on the second anniversary of 9/11, I predicted “an ugly, bitter campaign – probably the nastiest of modern American history.” The reasons I gave then still apply. President Bush has no positive achievements to run on. Yet his inner circle cannot afford to see him lose: if he does, the shroud of secrecy will be lifted, and the public will learn the truth about cooked intelligence, profiteering, politicization of homeland security and more.

But recent attacks on John Kerry have surpassed even my expectations. There’s no mystery why. Mr. Kerry isn’t just a Democrat who might win: his life story challenges Mr. Bush’s attempts to confuse tough-guy poses with heroism, and bombast with patriotism.

One of the wonders of recent American politics has been the ability of Mr. Bush and his supporters to wrap their partisanship in the flag. Through innuendo and direct attacks by surrogates, men who assiduously avoided service in Vietnam, like Dick Cheney (five deferments), John Ashcroft (seven deferments) and George Bush (a comfy spot in the National Guard, and a mysterious gap in his records), have questioned the patriotism of men who risked their lives and suffered for their country: John McCain, Max Cleland and now John Kerry.

While were on the subject of politics, have you ever wondered about President Bushs military medals and whether or not he really came by all of them honestly? If youre like me, you got totally caught up in the debate as to whether or not John Kerry really deserved all three of his Purple Hearts, and turned a blind eye to the several impressive medals worn by our sitting president, a former military man himself. Well, thankfully, one dedicated investigative reporter has taken it upon himself to take a closer look at Bushs medals. If you are planning to vote, you really owe it to all of us to take a look.

My favorite, in case youre interested, is the Five Bears of Friendship award.

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