im leaving you for reverend billy

Linettes across the room, sitting in the rocking chair, reading the New York Times magazine to Clementine. Right now, theyre reading about Reverend Billy, the New York City-based performance artist who, as the spiritual head of the Church of Stop Shopping, leads guerilla art-actions against the likes of Starbucks and Wal-Mart. I hadnt heard of him until last week when someone left a comment here at about a project that he had initiated at the former site of the World Trade Center. (I dont know if I have the details right, but I think hes organized a group of people, at the same time every day, to mill about at Ground Zero repeating the lines from the Bill of Rights, as they hear them delivered over their cell phones the result being that those not in on the performance may walk by several people, catching a snippet of the Bill of Rights from each. The piece literally leaps from one reader to the next, like the passing of a baton (or a virus), as passers-by made their way through the crowd, regardless of which direction they move it. Its really subtle and really brilliant.) So, now Im sitting here at the computer wondering if I really want my new daughter hearing all about a man who, at least on the surface, seems to be so much brighter and more motivated than her father a man who would rather complain about the likes of Ashcroft and Wal-Mart than get out and confront them in a creative manner. (Even if I could conceive of something so brilliant, I know I couldnt pull it off.)

OK, a few minutes have passed and Linettes either lost interest in the story, or Clementine’s fallen asleep. The reading aloud of the Reverend Billy story, at least for now, has stopped. (Perhaps Ill destroy the magazine tonight as they sleep.)

For those of you who want to learn more about Reverend Billy (real name Bill Talen) and his many projects, you can check out his website here

OK, I need to do some other stuff now. But, before I go, heres a link to the Washington Post investigation into the charges leveled at Kerry by the Swift Boat Assholes. (Guess what? They find the charges without merit. Shocking, right?) And here, for those of you who want even more, is another link. This one will take you to a New York Times graph showing the ties between Bush and the people pulling the strings of the Swift Boat Assholes. (As you may know, hes been denying any association with this mud-slinging attack group.) And, in case thats not enough, heres a link to a great clip of John McCain accusing Bush of doing the same thing to him during the 2,000 primaries. I hope the whole ugly mess comes back around to bite Bush in the ass, hard.

Goodnight my invisible friends.

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