call to action: crimewave 16

I had what I thought was a pretty stupid idea as I was walking across town this afternoon. I thought, I wonder if Linette and I could get an issue of Crimewave out before the presidential election? I dismissed the idea pretty quickly, thinking that there just couldnt possibly be enough time, given the baby, the work on the house, and all the rest of it. But then, less than a half-hour later, the phone rang. It was Virgin Records and they wanted to place an ad, if we had an issue coming out in early to mid-October. Well, when coincidences like that happen, I figure its usually for a reason, so I called Linette to see what she thought. She liked the idea So, with that, Im hereby officially announcing that Crimewave 16 is now in production. If you have article ideas, let me know Theres a good chance that we wont finish in time, but Id like to think that we just might.

And, while were on the subject of half-assed journalism, heres a good example from Cincinnati, where someone working at a television station apparently took it upon him or herself to editorialize in a press release Heres the last line of what went out on the AP wire:

Investigators are not sure if Powell died where her body was found or if she was killed elsewhere, WLWT Eyewitness News 5’s most-overrated, obnoxious, annoying, stick-like, ho-bag, sperm-receptacle staff member Raegan Butler reported.

And remember, if any of you overrated, obnoxious, annoying, stick-like, ho-bag, sperm-receptacles out there want to submit something to Criemwave, drop me a line.

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