privacy alert in ypsi

A few weeks ago, there was a fairly serious gas leak here in town. People were evacuated from a few blocks and the Ypsilanti police and fire departments were sent into the homes where no one answered so that they could look for people, blow out pilot lights, etc. Well, theres been a rumor buzzing around town since then that in one house they came across what seemed to be a private gentlemens club, complete with full bar and stripper pole. Well, on the Detroit news last night there was finally verification, and questions are starting to be asked about the behavior of our public servants, who, upon stumbling into this apparent blind pig, decided to toss the place (I suppose its difficult to turn away when you stumble across boxes of beaver shots) instead of first getting a search warrant. My friend Steve, over at the Seat of Revolution, has a transcript of the broadcast, in case youre interested.

It would appear that the fellow who owned the house, a Mr. Dennis Barger, had a security camera that caught the whole thing. Not only that, but he also apparently didnt care about the negative repercussions that might come from widespread knowledge of his basement activities. So, he started talking to the press, and now our guys in uniform are under the gun. It sucks for them, but it would appear that they did break the law and violate this fellows civil rights. Fortunately, it was all caught on tape. Otherwise, it most likely never would have come out.

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