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I overheard Linette saying to my father this morning that our dog might be barking at him because she could sense that he, wasnt like other humans. I need to remember to ask her what that was all about

Well, were getting ready to go out to dinner, but, before we go, I wanted to remind you that Bush would be appearing with Tim Russert on Meet the Press tomorrow morning. The general consensus seems to be that that hes getting nervous about facing Kerry and having to finally explain his lack of military service during the war in Vietnam. Heres a clip from the Washington Post article, suggesting that he might have something new to announce (perhaps were all going to Jupiter!):

James Carville, the former Clinton adviser, said that “the president is having a hard time breaking through. The Mars thing was a dud. The State of the Union was a dud. They’ve got some definite news they’re going to try to make. I don’t think he’s just going to sit there and try to hit pitches.”

I cant wait to see it. I like Tim Russsert. Hes good at nailing people and getting them to answer questions. (Ive been watching Meet the Press since This Week started to suck.)

OK, I do really need to get going now Everyone is waiting for me But heres one more article. This one is from Salon. Its a great piece on Bushs National Guard service its coverage in the media, both during the 2000 election and today. Its worth reading.

Oh, and to all of you out there who were worrying about my friend Dave finding work in Portland, Oregon, you can stop now. I just got a note from him and apparently hes got a hot lead on a great opportunity building a giant, sneezing, interactive nose. Heres the government RFP:

The Department of Human Services (Department), Office of Disease Prevention & Epidemiology ( ODPE), Acute & Communicable Disease Program (ACDP) antimicrobial resistance program (Oregon AWARE) has received an unrestricted educational grant from Glaxo SmithKline for the creation of durable educational materials. Advised by the Oregon AWARE Education & Public Relations Workgroup, the program seeks a contractor to build an educational nose exhibit for ongoing use at future health fairs, conference exhibits and press conferences. Based on the success of a similar exhibit created by the California AWARE program, DEPARTMENT plans for the exhibit to be an interactive, larger-than-life sneezing nose complete with spray mist and sneeze sound effects. This RFP anticipates an initial contract of not more than $7,200.00.

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