neck pain, cleaning house and iggy pop

Im busy watching reality television and cleaning the house tonight. I also have a terrible pain in the side of my neck. It feels like Ive been stabbed with a fork.

I did want to mention something though. A few weeks ago, my friend Patty in Chicago wrote to tell me that shed heard through the grapevine that Iggy Pop was going to be in Detroit soon. As she heard it, it had something to do with an art show opening.

Patty wanted Linette and me to ambush Iggy and get an interview with him for Crimewave Those of you that read Crimewave might remember that we were supposed to interview Iggy in our last issue, but it fell through at the last minute. Anyway, she thought that this could be our shot to get a little time with him, and to ask him why he never called us, even when the folks at Virgin Records said that he would.

So, today I was reading The Ypsidixit and I saw a mention of a show that will be opening at the C Pop gallery in Detroit. The show, called The Fun House Art Show, opens February 7 and features artwork by Iggy Pop and Ron Ashton of The Stooges, as well as several other luminaries of the Stooges-era, like Lou Reed and Joey Ramone.

Heres a bit of a poorly written article about the show, compliments of the Detroit Metro Times:

Enter the Fun House Art Show starring Iggy and the Stooges, a month-long showing of works at CPOP of musicians and artists, and works by some of those very musicians. Its the first time ever that something of this magnitude so focused on one specific area of rock n roll has coalesced under one roof. Opening night is this Saturday, Feb. 7.

The shows roundelay of guests is a veritable whos who of the defining moments of rock n roll history, and then some. Many subjects will be on hand opening night. All the current Stooges will be there, as will many of the artists.

Art shows shouldnt be staid and quiet, laughs celebrated artist/singer Niagara, who also happens to be the shows curator. They [the patrons] should be drunk enough to buy the things!

The paintings by Iggy are apparently being sold for $2,500 each.

So, here I am, cleaning my house and getting ready for my parents to come and visit, and wondering if I could take them into Detroit so that I can confront Iggy Pop.

Would you be upset if you came to town to buy a crib and talk about grandchildren, but were instead taken into Detroit to see your panic stricken middle-aged son try to interview his junkie hero?

I like the fact that my parents will be in town actually. It gives me an excuse not to go to this art show. From the first moment that Patty mentioned it to me, I knew I didnt want to go. Theres no way Id have the balls to confront Iggy in person and do a face-to-face interview. Id shit myself and pass out before I got to within ten feet of him.

OK, I need to go and disinfect the toilets now and fluff up the comforter on the guest bed.


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