stuffed cat

This weekend was busy.

I brought a shit-load of work home from the office, voted in the Democratic primary, entertained my parents (who were staying with us for the weekend), finished mounting my collages for the show at Henrietta Fahrenheit, and drew a special Valentine-themed comic for the Ann Arbor Paper.

My dad and I also put a dimmer switch in for the lamp that hangs over our dining room table. And, I think my bandmates and I finally came up with a date and location for the 2004 Monkey Power Trio session.

I also ate a steak, plunged a toilet, and watched my first episode of “The Surreal Life.” In the process of doing that last thing, by the way, I came to have a lot more respect Eric Estrada

So, I guess you could say that its been a busy weekend.

Because of that, this is going to be a very short post, consisting of just three links.

The first comes from the creator of “Prozac and Cornflakes” magazine, a fellow by the name of Kez Panel. If you follow this link, and scroll down a bit, youll come to an interesting article written by the son of a woman who is a compulsive hoarder. Kez and I both have OCD, so were fascinated by this kind of stuff. (I suspect that we both take some comfort in seeing people who display symptoms worse than ours.) I would imagine, however, that you dont have to be either obsessive or compulsive to find this of interest.

The second link comes from the folks at Poopsheet, who have apparently just posted a review of Crimewave #15. I found it especially nice because it also mentioned the writing of Chelsea Lowe, Steve Hughes and some of our other fantastic contributors. (Thank you again to all of you who helped to make this issue so meaty and terrific.)

The third link comes from our friend Bonnie, the woman behind She wrote in to let Linette and me know that we could bid on a stuffed housecat. (She didn’t mention, but my guess is that it’s not hers.)

There are about a million other things that Id like to tell you about, but, like I said, its been a really busy weekend and I need to just rest for a while. I hope you understand.

As for the stuffed cat, I wonder how it might look in the baby’s room.

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