i know i said you were my hero, but now you have to die

As you all no doubt know, AQ Kahn, the father of Pakistans nuclear bomb, has recently been implicated in sharing nuclear secrets with such rogue nations as Libya, Iran and North Korea. Although he claims to have been working alone, it seems that quite a few people feel that he must have had the support of Pakistans army and perhaps even that of Gen. Pervez Musharraf, the current leader of the country.

Well, it now looks as though AQ Kahn may not be long for this world. According to the Hindustan Times, hes just suffered what could prove to be a fatal heart attack.

So, now that the world press is beginning to question whether or not he acted alone, as has been suggested by Pakistani intelligence forces, hes apparently tumbling toward the proverbial bright light. Maybe I just grew up watching too many movies about political espionage, but doesnt that seem a bit too convenient?

While this is probably just a story being floated by the Musharraf team to keep Kahn from the press, I am wondering whether or not it could be possible that he really is being eliminated before he can talk about the role of Musharraf and Chinese officials.

I wonder how you say, Im a patsy in Punjabi.

Of course, then there’s also the possibility that the old man, caught trading in nuclear secrets with terrorist nations, really did suffer a heart attack. While very likely, it’s not so much fun to blog about… No, I’d prefer to imagine that he was forced to eat a tainted Pork Vendaloo.

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