my life in ypsi

I just got word from the folks at the Ann Arbor Paper they’ve launched a new website, one that will eventually contain an archive of all of my “My Life in Ypsi” cartoon contributions. Right now, they’ve only got one of my cartoons up though.

So, if you’ve been curious to see what it is that I keep complaining about every other Sunday as I’m trying to think of ideas, now’s your chance.

Unfortunately, I can’t link directly to the page with my comic, so you have to go to follow these directions. First, click this link and go to the main Ann Arbor Paper site. Then, go to the “Contents” column on the right-hand side. There you’ll see a section labeled “Branch Out.” Within that section, you’ll see a link that says “My Life In Ypsi.” Click that link.

Now, that fuzzy thing that you’re looking at, the thing that you can’t quite read, is the most recent installment of my comic.

I’d be curious to know what you think, but I’m tempted to say that it doesn’t really work in this format… It’s drawn to fill a tabloid-sized page and it just doesn’t work when it’s shrunken down to the size of a Deal-a-Meal card. I’m having a hard time reading it and I just wrote it last weekend.

So, good luck with it. I hope you don’t find it too frustrating.

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