the reading

We just got back from the reading at Eastern Michigan University. It went well Our friend Steve read with us. Hes here right now, sitting next to me on our blue naugahyde couch. He and I have both been drinking Mexican beer. Were watching Fear Factor now. Im going to see if Steve will write tonights post. I dont feel much like writing tonight. Heres Steve:

Im at Mark and Linettes house. Mark is making me watch Fear Factor. His dog is scratching at my leg, now tearing apart the carpet or just gnawing on something. We both agree that the chicks on Fear Factor are foxes. Im looking forward to watching theses foxes eat bugs. Im Super pumped. And Im looking forward to the explosion of tube top girl with the chemical breasts.

Mark and Linette are amazing hosts. Although Mark seemed a little miffed that I made it to the bathroom before he did.

Truth being I was nervous all day long because I was plumbing and Im not a plumber. The reading was good although none of us spoke when it was over to tell our audience we had zines to sell. Still, I sold one. Thats two more bucks to claim on my 1040.

Its been a long day. Im passing the computer back to Mark.

Uei wiska a wki ksiwjn aiwj ainw ,

Translation: It has been a prive-e-ledge and a horror to blob on Marks blob site.

Thanks, Steve. Now Im going to see if Linette has something to add. Here she is:

Hi. Its Linette now- I just took a picture of Mark and Steve on the couch. I just drank a delicious, small glass of beer. I am sitting on the couch that smells like dog. We are watching Curb Your Enthusiasm, and Mark wants me to write about the zine event today.

Thats where she stopped I guess no one wants to write about our big night.

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