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I just got a note from Zineworld magazine. It appears as though their new issue is going to contain two reviews of Crimewave #14, which we must have mailed to them about 18 months ago. Im thinking that maybe its some kind of 2002 nostalgia issue. So, if you really enjoyed that year (the year of the DC Sniper and Crimewave 14), you might want to pick a copy up Here are our reviews:

Crimewave U.S.A. #14:
Perhaps you’ve heard of CWUSA, chronicle of all those things, such as good food, good pals, and good lovin’, that can only happen in Manhattan and Ypsilanti. Most of its erstwhile contemporaries from the ’90s zine boom closed shop without bothering to flip the sign around, but Mark and Linette’s pub continues to evolve, slightly. Mark seems more sincere these days. Other writers come and go. Still, with the exception of one contributor’s forced misanthropy, nothing disrupts the friendly flow. Barcode. Emerson

Oh, the joy of receiving a well-written, well-thought-out and well-executed zine. It’s why I keep doing this, really. After a hiatus, Crimewave USA is back and filled with good stuff. Almost any single article is worth the cover price. And talk about eclectic: caring for an aging, sickly dog, nasty things that can live in your feet, “David Cross: Not a Prick,” grocery store workers and their tales of revenge, interview with Pylon, Civil War battleships. What isn’t in here? Seriously, if you like independent publications with great writing and interesting subject matter (and why are you reading this if you don’t?) order this zine. My only complaint is that running a back cover David Cross ad when he’s profiled within can make the reader question the credibility of that article. Gordon

In case youre interested, we still have copies of #14 available at the Crimewave store. If you dont have one, you should get one. (The huge sack of gold coins we got from Sub Pop for our interview with David Cross is about to run out and we could really use a few bucks to see us though until our next big score.)

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