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Judge Hutton, the magistrate in Britain who was overseeing the inquiry into the Blair administration and whether they sexed up the evidence supporting a clear and present danger in Iraq, came out and said there was no wrongdoing on the part of the administration. Furthermore, he implied that the BBC had overstepped the bounds of good journalism in implying as much. As a result, the chair of the BBC resigned.

The thing I found most interesting was something I read at this blog Apparently the BBC bought up all the Google ad words relating to the Hutton inquiry so as to control the story to the best of their ability.

My wonderful wife, Linette, just made biscotti, so I have to go

Oh, one last thing. Id like to thank all of you who wrote in and told me how much you liked the idea of our naming the baby Thankful. I still dont think itll happen, but it was nice to get the support As it turns out, one of our readers, Mr. Smallwood from Virginia, happens to have married into a family with a Thankful in its past. Heres his note:

I was interested to read about Thankful Maynard on your blog today. My wifes dad has been putting together a family tree, and we were amused to see that there was someone on her side of the family named Thankful Wildman. Not sure of the time period in which that person lived, but weve been saying it over an over, trying to imagine how a kids life would go if we named him/her Thankful Wildman Smallwood.

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