one question about john kerry

How did a man with a head that large ever make it out of the jungles of Vietnam?

That occurred to me this morning as I was sitting here, reading the news. I was just eating my cereal, staring at a photo of John Kerry, and thinking, It must really suck going to war with a head the size of a 25-pound bag of ice.

On the subject of heads, I found this story on the New York Times site to be hilariously funny. Doesnt it look at first glance as though the article is about Tony Blairs problem with male pattern baldness?

Linette doesnt find it as funny as I do, but it really strikes me as odd, the placement of the hair restoration adds both above and to the side of Blairs image… Doesnt the picture on the right look like it could be of Blairs head, like it might have been taken by a security camera above the doorway thats behind him in the other photo?

This is the kind of weird little thing that would keep me up all night if I were a pothead.

Speaking of potheads, theres a good piece on John Perry Barlows website today on the state of our American democracy. (John Perry Barlow wrote songs for the Grateful Dead for a few decades. And, the last I heard, he was teaching law at Harvard. I dont know for a fact that hes a pothead, but I think it stands to reason.) Heres a quote from his article:

Some of us believe that another four years of the Bush Administration might turn America into something so oligarchical that it will make Mexico look like Sweden, so broke that the dollar will buy less than the Hungarian pengo, surveillant enough to make East Germany look like a good start, and puritanical enough to make Cotton Mather feel at home. Some of us want a president who is straight about his real reasons for sending our kids off to die and kill other kids, a government that is of, for, and by more people than will fit on the Forbes list, and a military that isn’t simply a private security force for the Fortune 500. We want to give our grandchildren something more than a crushing debt and a country too stripped of resources and opportunities to pay it off. The stakes seem high to us.

But if we feel that way, and many of us do, we will have to knock on doors and persuade the folks inside to turn off their televisions and talk about what’s really going on, just as we will have to turn off our computers occasionally to have such exchanges. If we are to restore democracy in America, we will have to get out amongst ’em and engage in it. I believe our arguments are persuasive, but we have to present them in person to the people who don’t already believe us.

Now Ive got one more thing to be pissed at Bush about. Hes forced me into a position where I agree with a Deadhead on US policy. If youd predicted that five years ago, I would have spit in your face.

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