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Doug Skinner wrote in tonight to tell me about Winston Churchills parrot. Apparently, its still alive at 104 years old, and still saying, Fuck the Nazis. Doug suggested that I get myself a bird in order to keep my ideas alive into the future. While the thought of sticking my future grandkids with parrot that sobs uncontrollably between shouts of Are the doors locked? is appealing, I dont think I can do it. Its bad enough that theyll have to ponder the archives of this blog. I couldnt, in good conscious, add bird shit to the mix.

As for this parrot of Churchills, its really not that big of a deal. Margaret Thatchers monkey, Mr. Kato, is the real story. He can pantomime the entire Falklands War.

And Hitlers parrot, Ive been told, still yells, Churchills got a big bottom every time it hears the phrase, Whose got a lot back there?

As for Churchills old bird, I wonder if it has an agent? I have this idea for a TV series, like the West Wing, in which dim-witted American head of state relies almost exclusively on the wisdom of Churchill, channeled through his bird, when dealing with issues of great international importance. (It would explain a lot.)

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