that funny man from texas

As Im sitting here, getting ready to watch the little Bush on TV, I thought Id take a moment and share a letter with you that I received last night from another great Texan, Mr. Terry Gilmer.

Tonight I watched some of the Iowa caucuses on CSPAN. It was like its own twisted reality show. There was one kid who had a beard and a wool cap running around trying to win people over for Kucinich. It was fun to watch someone who looked like he was in a Seattle grunge band do local politics. I felt bad for the girl in the Gephardt shirt though. She looked really sad as she couldn’t get enough people in her group to make it “viable”. Even the one Lieberman supporter turned her down. Afterwards I tuned in to Fear Factor to watch people drink maggot shakes. At least a couple of people puked afterwards. BTW, congrats on the incoming bundle of joy. I don’t see myself procreating but I think part of that might be because of my teeth. Three more car payments and then I can start saving for dental work.

I like the way Terry thinks, the way his mind moves from one thing to the next. Its like poetry. I like those two images juxtaposed, the one of the sad girl in the Gephardt shirt and one of our fellow countrymen and women competitively consuming liquified maggots.

Terry just wrote me back. He apparently feels bad that hes going to be watching Americas Next Top Model on UPN instead of the State of the Union address tonight. Fortunately, it looks like the local UPN affiliate where I am has chosen to preempt Americas Next Top Model in favor of local basketball, so I wont have to agonize.

So, as there is not a bikini-waxing alternative, I will participate in Democracy tonight.

I need to go meditate for a moment now and get ready for the puppet show.

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