staring into the void

I tried to write last night, but all I could come up with was, The Republicans are smarter. That was it. Thats all that came to mind. It was sad. I ended up going to bed early.

And now, Im about to start this US News and World Report feature of Ashcroft. I imagine that it will suck me farther into the void.

To make matters even worse, it looks as though our old friend Doug Skinner might have been pulling the wool over our eyes when he told us about Churchills salty parrot. I just got a note from an English historian, a fellow by the name of Frank Baur, telling me that Churchills 82 year old daughter is denying Skinners claims.

So many lies.

Speaking of lies, a funny thought occurred to me this evening as I was driving home from work. I was thinking that it would be funny if Linette and I took a lot of really scary photos of the baby when he or she is born, like photos of it on an alter built of ram’s horns, or lying inside a pentagram. Photos of Linette and me wearing hooded black cloaks, huddled over candles, reciting incantations. Then, wed hide these photos, along with a book of symbols and other gibberish, somewhere in the house for him or her to find decades from now, perhaps after were long gone… Yeah, I know it would be really mean, but it would also be really funny. The kid would spend the rest of his life trying to figure out what it all meant Maybe its a bad thing that Im already thinking of tricks I can play on my adult child.

How would you deal with it if you found photos of yourself, as a baby, in some kind of ceremony like the one taking place at the end of Rosemarys Baby?

Linette has been having lots of dreams lately about drinking. I guess she misses it. She had a dream last night that ran the course of a detective novel. She was trying to figure out why she wasnt drinking booze. It was like the script of Memento. The dream started in a bar, with her drinking water. The rest of the night was spent trying to figure out why. I forget what her conclusion was. Something funny.

OK, Im going to go and spend the rest of the evening thinking about John Ashcroft and what hes likely to do should there be a second Bush administration, when they dont have to worry about keeping up the appearance of compassionate conservativism, when they can really stop thinking about elections and start thinking about their endgame.

And here is the administrations first term report card compliments of Britains Independent. Heres a sample:

0: Number of funerals or memorials that President Bush has attended for soldiers killed in Iraq

100: Number of fund-raisers attended by Bush or Vice-President Dick Cheney in 2003

OK, Ashcroft is waiting in my bed.

Oh, one last thought for the evening: What Would Sid Think?

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