larrys share their thoughts

I dont know if hed like me to share this, but I just got this letter from a European reader by the name of Larry. If I understand it correctly, hes going to be having sex soon, but he has to wait for a womans mother to die first.

donmt worry…ooooweee…put my cell phone in my front pcket and just got an sms..nice bibrator i got there..wowee. anyhows… dec 27 will hopefully find me in the arms of a older and beautful swedish woman in stockholm. more later..soon as her mom dies…happy something..

Meanwhile, here in the US, another Larry, Stanford professor Lawrence Lessig, is busy noting instances of Orwellian behavior by the Bush administration. (It looks like theyve been caught changing the historical record again.)

So, you tell me, which Larry would you rather be?

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