i feel bad for george p funk clinton

It looks like he was caught in Florida, inquiring as to where he could procure some more fuel for the Mothership.

OK, enough with the humor. It looks as though George Clinton, the Benny Goodman of Funk, was caught yesterday with crack cocaine. I feel bad for the guy. I love his stuff Plus, he used to live here in Michigan. In fact, Im told that he used to, on occasion, play the open mic night at the bar here in Ypsi where Linette and I first met. (Its since been closed down for various health and building code violations.) Hed show up unannounced to test out new material.

From what Im told, he no longer lives around here. Word is that I couldnt bear to be around after his son died. I believe his son either ODd or committed suicide.

Anyway, hes a brilliant man and one of my favorite performers, and it makes me sad to see his mug shot. If you can find it in your heart tonight, remember him in your prayers.

So, until further notice, it looks like the Mothership has been grounded.

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