The Bush administration denies British reports that theyre negotiating an exile deal with Saddam and theyre obscuring evidence of global warming too This isnt exactly news, but I had a dream last night about a TV show like Monk that was about a prostitute with OCD. I think it must have come to me because of that latex glove I found in the driveway yesterday Finally a new conspiracy theory: The Arab news reports on the Zionist role in the Kennedy assassination Linette, I think Im going to go take a stroll through the park before going up to bed And speaking of anonymous sex, heres a good piece on the sex life of the giant squid. Heres a little clip:

Scientists were intrigued when they found the first ever mated female with her skin still intact. Along the length of the female’s arms were small holes, beneath which were a number of worm-like sperm chords radiating outwards.

Male giant squid have been found to have a long, muscular penis, which is unusual as the males of most other squid species use an arm to pass sperm packets from themselves to the female.

Scientists believe that the male squid literally injects his sperm into the female’s skin during mating.

“The two of them mount beak to beak, so you’ve got arms and tentacles flying everywhere,” Dr O’Shea said.

“The male is co-ordinating this enormous penis, and he’s implanting spermadaphores into the female’s arms

“He uses the penis like a plunger or a huge hypodermic needle, and he’s physically stabbing the female’s arms.”

I want to use the phrase, Worm-like sperm chords tomorrow. Lets all make it a point to work that into a conversation.

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