the model christian

Yesterday, I was procrastinating. I just couldnt get started on my magazine writing, so I decided to throw myself into the web. A few minutes into my mindless wandering around, a phrase popped into my head Christian modeling. It came from nowhere, like a lightening bolt. I went to Google and put it in, just to see what would come up. As it was scouring the web, I started imagining having business cards made up: Mark Maynard, Christian Model. I liked the ring of it. (It was much more classy that my other business card idea: Mark Maynard, impregnating americas teens since 1974. Linette hates that one.)

I honestly didnt suspect that anything would come up, but it did. Quite a few things came up, the most interesting of which was Models for Christ dotcom. One day, when theres more time, Id like to do a little research into this group and Christian modeling in general. I wonder what sets a Christian modeling school apart from a regular one. Perhaps instead of saying, Make love to the camera, they say, Be pious before your Lord. Maybe Im being really mean and cynical, but my guess is that saying Christain models is the same as saying ugly models.

I wonder if theres a tie to Clowning for Christ. How many —- for Christ groups are there anyway? Someone should compile a list. I bet there a Bikers for Christ. I wonder if theres a Public School Nutritionists for Christ or a Part Time Office Workers for Christ.

If you know of any —- for Christ groups, let me know.

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