what does a debris sandwich look like?

Collin, the illustrator who submitted the drawing of me a few days ago, has offered to help graphically represent the Debris Sandwich. Toward that end, he has submitted this sketch. As youll notice, its all stuffed full of a cheese-like substance. That, Im told by Collin, is just a placeholder. He wants to fill the sandwich full of real things. My question to you is; what should those real things be?

What kinds of things do we typically address in the Debris Sandwich? Ive been giving it some thought, and Ive got the beginnings of a list. Heres what Ive come up with: politics, American popular culture, mass media, science, privacy, technology, future studies, entertainment, sex, conspiracy, strange creatures and occurrences, underground publishing, and self-taught art. Im sure theres a lot more, but those are the first threads that came to mind.

If you want, please feel free to add to that list, and also to suggest ways to portray those things visually, in the context of the sandwich. For instance, Im envisioning a naked leg dangling off to the side of the sandwich, perhaps with a pair of panties hanging off the foot. Maybe just next to that there’s a Mothman flying out. Perhaps there’s a robot head. How about an American flag? Be creative and send in your ideas.

Sorry to cut things short, but I have to go to the bar now. (I promise, it’ll never happen again.)

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