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plastic pickles: Theres a new book out called Code Name Ginger, about the Dean Kamens Segway personal transporter (the thing that bucked off little Bushie in his parents driveway like it was a mechanical bull a few days ago) and how the folks at DEKA went about launching their revolutionary product. (If you follow that link, itll take you to a good excerpt where youll hear Steve Jobs say, I think it sucks!)

styrofoam meat: The Washington Post has a pretty good story on the events surrounding the capture of pfc Jessica Lynch by Iraqi forces. It doesnt spend much time on the question of whether or not her heroic rescue was staged, as it has recently been suggested, but theres some good material on the events that led up to that point.

acrylic lettuce: Print this one out and put it in your Americans are Idiots file. If you can believe it, according to this poll, one-third of Americans believe we found weapons of mass destruction in Iraq over 20% think that these weapons were used by the Iraqis. (Isnt it conceivable (I hope) that very few Americans believe this, and it just so happens that the only people who dont hang up the phone when theyre called to participate in polls are fucking idiots?)

rubber bun: Flash Mob assembled to shop for love rug. The internet is fucking incredible. This is fucking fantastic. Seriously, this gives me hope for the future of mankind. (And heres some context)

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