organ trafficking

This is a photo of the man responsible for the taking of my kidney in Manila.

Actually, my kidneys are both fine as far as I know. This man really is a reputed organ thief though. I got his image, as well as that of the fellow yesterday, from a classified government report that was smuggled out to by a well-placed informant. Its shocking stuff really. Apparently, and they dont tell you this on television, one out of every three Americans to travel abroad has at least one significant organ taken.

The lucky ones, according to this report, just have a foot or two of colon harvested. The most unfortunate, those they call the hudas, have their skin, eyes and pituitary glands taken. From what Ive read in this report, there is a colony of hudas that live off the coast of Winnipeg.

Speaking of organ theft and the sale of such things, do you all remember the guy who sells the eyes, hands and hair of famous people from history? Well, I just went to his site and hes got something special, just in from Argentina a gallon of Evita blood. Thats right, an entire gallon of Evita Perons blood! And Fathers Day is right around the corner Who wants to go in on it with me? Whose dad wouldnt like a shot glass full of famous, historical, Nazi-sympathizing blood?

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