The following few paragraphs come from a letter I received this evening from an environmental designer in Seattle by the name of David Morris.

A quick word about the rapture- If we did not take the bible literally that when the rapture occurred people would instantly vanish and instead made it a more gradual disappearance, then I don’t think anyone would argue with the fact that many indigenous cultures are disappearing. I think that the compromises that people are forced to make to survive in our society push aside the question of what is morally right. “I need to feed my family,” or, on a larger scale, “It will bring jobs to the local economy.” We are more concerned about our stomachs than our souls. Most of us are not even sure we believe we have a soul (myself included.)

It was kind of eerie to read this as I was just working on my bands new record, Almost Clear, which follows a very similar line of thinking. The concept behind the record, as it will be explained on the record cover that Ive been working on, is that people, when they approach a higher level of consciousness, fade away. We borrowed the idea from the Scientologists. At least we think we borrowed it from the Scientologists.

At any rate, its interesting to think of the rapture in a more gradual sense, as Dave suggests. What if, it wasnt sudden? What if all those self-righteous people with the, Danger this car will be driverless when the rapture comes, bumper stickers dont just beam right up to heaven immediately? (I personally feel that if you have a bumper sticker identifying yourself as one of Gods chosen people, you probably arent. At least if I were God, Id send those people right to hell And I think that God probably thinks a lot like I do.) What if the rapture happens over generations? What if those cultures that we perceived as dying are really just being absorbed up into heaven?

Alright, I’m getting heavy again and I ran out of morning correspondence time. One last thing- I was watching Bill Moyers the other night and he was interviewing an author who wrote a book on the “secret gospels” that were found in 1945. She wrote specifically about the book of Thomas. Some of the quotes she had were incredible. I’m excited to read these secret gospels. There is one written by
Mary Magdalene also.

I dont know about these Secret Gospels. (I dont even know about the ones that arent secret.) I thought that this was interesting though. If I had the time to read, I would look for these If I was smarter, Id be like an underground Bill Moyers, at least thats what Id like for this site to be. Thats my dream.

This letter from Dave was, by the way, the very first letter I’ve ever received that started with the phrase, “A quick word on the rapture.”

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