new breed of frog

Our science correspondent, Doug Skinner, just brought a new species of frog to my attention. It is known as the glitter pork frog. Heres a picture.

Apparently, Dougs friends gave him a pork glitter frog as a belated Valentine while he was lecturing recently in Baltimore. If you are interested, you can find out all about the discovery of the pork glitter frog in 1921 at Uncle Joshs website.

For those of you who arent familiar with biblical scripture, heres a piece taken from the chapter entitled, Scarcity of Frogs,” or, as it’s commonly referred to, “Let’s Make a Frog from a Pork.”

There came one day in the summer of 1920 (BC) when there were no frogs to be had at Jordan Lake. We stomped around the marshy areas near the lake but couldn’t come up with anything. Either the frogs had become too elusive or we had caught them all. It was then that the idea came to us, Why not make a frog out of something else, such as pork? So, up to the butcher shop in Oxford we went for a slab of pork back fat with the rind on it. We cut and we whittled and came up with some rough facsimiles of a frog.

That entire chapter of the bible, by the way, was written in the first person by God. Most of the action that takes place in the chapter happens in and around the butcher shop in Oxford, where Gods friend Ernie worked. It is widely believed that these folksy stories related by God were the genesis of the Andy Griffith Show. (The script of the episode where the old goat eats the dynamite was actually take verbatim from the religious texts.)

I desperately need sleep.

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