while you were out

While you were eating ham and hollow chocolate rabbits, the Christian Science Monitor interviewed three Iraqi generals as to why they lost so handily. (One general hid in his bedroom for five days after the fall of Baghdad.) In case you’re curious, they placed the blame on Saddam and his son And, across town in Kabul, an entrepreneur opened an Irish pub, a gutsy move in a Muslim county that prohibits drinking… And, in the good old USA, Monica Lewinsky prepares for her new reality show in which twenty masked men will compete for the affections of one woman. As the ad now running says, “Things could get ugly.” As this is a FOX show, my guess is that the winner, the man this woman chooses solely on the basis of his personality, will turn out to be a horribly disfigured burn victim.

The guy at Buffooneryorg infiltrated the 1889 Seattle Steam Corporation building one evening and took photos and short movies. Its pretty cool. I always forget how great his blog is. The combination of trespassing, photography and blogging is beautiful. Its like eating hot hushpuppies in a canoe and swishing them down with ice-cold beer.

Speaking of consuming hushpuppies and beer, I think Id better get my ass over to Slavercise ASAP

And there are more photos here.

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    You made three posts in a single day.

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