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Today -I wanted to mention this right up front, before I forgot- marks the first time that anyone has ever reached this site by searching for Columbo + porn. I feel giddy. I feel like Michael Moore, having just been handed an Oscar… or a plate of fully-loaded potato skins.

(I don’t want to go off on a tangent, but how fucking cool would “Columbo porn” be? I feel the need to start an entirely new blog.)

OK, now lets come back down to Earth now and get to work.

If you tuned in here looking for photos of a half-nude man swinging from meat hooks, youve come to the wrong place, at least today. Im too tired to write about the hooks though the guys back tonight. I know I promised, but I will eventually get around to it, just like I will eventually get around to posting my notes about my brief encounter with Arianna Huffington. Just be patient.

If I can stay away awake for a little while longer, I plan to read this Newsweek article on Saddams secret files. I have no idea what it’s about, but it sounds mysterious.

I did, just now, find the time to read this op-ed piece from the Times. You might like it. Among other things, it calls Bushs domestic agenda a train wreck, laying out everything from his tax cuts for the rich, to his faith-based initiatives that blur the line between church and state, and from his anti-environmental energy bill to the corrosion of privacy and constitutional rights thats presently underway. (For some reason, its not all that funny when you read about it all strung together like that.)

And, as if that werent enough, here, from Doug Skinner, is more to be depressed about. This article by Robert Fisk, of the UKs Independent, says that whats happening in Iraq is not liberation so much as a new colonial oppression. (I haven’t read the whole thing yet, but it promises to be good.)

I dont like the ad so much, but adbusters has created a tv ad for National Turn Off Your TV Week. I think thats pretty cool… I wish more stuff like this would happen, and more people would appropriate the channels and methods of those they are working against. I’d also love to see a Noam Chomsky starring in a sitcom opposite Jim Jay Bullock.

I guess we just got really lucky, we apparently found a scientist in Iraq who confirms 1) having just destroyed large stockpiles of chemical and biological agents as the US military began its war, 2) that shipments of weapons of mass destruction were made from Iraq to Syria, and 3) that there was in fact a connection between al Queda and Iraq. How the fuck lucky are we? Thats like the perfect trifecta… Some paranoid conspiracy types might even say it looks a bit too perfect.

OK, I do have to go to bed now and cry myself to sleep.


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