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I just wrote a long post. It was very funny. Probably the best stuff I have ever written. I told you about the many beers that I’d just been drinking and how I lost my credit card at the bar. I also told you some stuff about home protection, drawing lessons from the “Home Alone” series. I wrote beautifully of super-heated door knobs and paint cans being swung into the faces of would be thieves. It was brilliant… Unfortunately, the computer crashed and everything was lost. I considered trying to recreate it, but I knew that I’d never be able to do it again, not with the same intensity and passion. You missed out, America. Actually, as I have hundreds of non-American readers, I guess the whole fucking world missed out. Once again, I am sorry.

Since I wrote that earlier post, I have sobered up considerably. Now I just want to sleep. I couldn’t be funny if Jack Benny was whispering in my ear. I missed my opportunity to achieve greatness in the blog world.

Here, now, is a limerick that was jsut submijtted by our very own Chelsea Lowe, on the occasion of my return from Lake Michigan.

Mark wanted to work on his blog, O
Or harvest the teeth of a hog, O
But he drove, sad to say,
Some four hours each way
To a family event in Chicago

One of these days, we will have ourselves a little poetry contest here at MM.com. Would someone please remind me of that the next time we hit a lull in programming? (As for the reference to pulling hog teeth, it’s a long story, one that I shared with Chelsea one late afternoon here in the newsroom. Some day, I will share it with you all. For now, however, it’s just between Linette, Chelsea and me.)

This broadcast is being done without the aid of spell-check. I just wanted to mention that.

Here are a few photos from my recent two-day trip to the lake. The first photo is of me. It was taken on the beach yesterday morning. The second is of my sister’s little dog. She tells me that Kathie Lee Gifford has the same kind of dog. To know my sister is to understand how truly apropos that is. The third photo is of a piece of driftwood with a nail stuck in at such an angle that someone had been using it as a bottle opener. I took other photos too, but most of them were somehow lost.

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