kurt trede: excerpted

On the subject of notes from friends, I just received the following from Kurt Trede about John Kerry.

Not that Kerry stands a chance in hell of getting elected pres in ’04… Here’s why:

John Kerry walks into a bar. Bartender says, “Senator, why the long face?”

Ba dum bump.

Hey, that very well might be the candidate I waste my vote on!

Oh, and that’s not all. Kurt then went on to say that he’s taking my Whitney Houston idea (see previous posts for details) and doing me one better. He says he’s going to start cutting Ziggy cartoons out of the paper and putting them up around his office.

If anyone else out there wants to get in on the MarkMaynard.com Operation Mindfuck action, let me know. If you do decide to do it, send me your stories and photos and I’ll post them here… I’ll write up the details over the weekend. Right now I’ve got TV to watch.

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