emergency message from dan

I just received the following note from Dan, my new father friend in Brooklyn.

If you get this, there’s a Cops special on tonight. the best of all 465 episodes or something. I’m like your own personal Tivo… remember the days of sitting around drinking homebrew watching Cops of a Saturday evening, having four beers or so before going out? remember going out? I am beginning to forget.

Isn’t that cool? My Tivo breaks and Dan, a regular old human being, steps in and takes charge. I kid around occasionally about not having friends, but my friends are fucking fantastic. I really mean that. Home video recording technologies come and go, but Dan Richardson is there, monitoring the TV for me when I need him to, forever… And I’d do the same damned thing for him.

As for the “good old days” Dan mentions, I do remember them. They were, I’m sad and ashamed to say, among the best times of my life.

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