yeah shortcake

There’s snow on the ground outside right now, so I thought I’d share a bright and sunny photo from this summer. This shot is of one of our local strip joints. This place is all nude. They can do that because they don’t serve alcohol. The one up the street serves booze, so the women there have to wear g-strings. Anyway, this shot was taken after someone named Shortcake won the Poleantics. That’s not to be confused with the Polmpics, which is held at a different time of the year. They also celebrate something in the fall called Mellonfest. One of these days, I’ll put on my reporter’s hat, go in, have a fruit juice and an all-nude lap dance, and come back here to my computer to let you know what I found out. Until that day, you’ll have to settle for occasional snaps of their sign.

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