good news, bad news, and shaved balls

It’s been eight hours and no one has bid on the Fantastic and Broken Ceramic Italian Rabbit. That’s the bad news. I was expecting to get up this morning and find that there had been a dozen bids. I ran downstairs like it was Christmas morning. Now I feel like a sap… As for good news, I just checked the old webstats program and found out that January 1, 2003 saw our first visitor find us by searching for “shaving balls.” How’s that for getting the new year off to a good start? I love knowing that somewhere in the world, there’s someone rapidly scanning this page, looking for references to ball shaving. That makes all the rest of this shit worthwhile.

Actually, that search, unlike some of the others that have brought people here, is legitimate. I did, a few months ago, reference an odd little story about three middle eastern men who where caught shaving each other absolutely bald (balls included) in an airplane restroom in the middle of a transcontinental flight.

So, if you’re looking for “shaving balls” references, there is something for you at You just need to dig for it.

Oh, for what it’s worth, Linette is happy that no one has bid yet on Rabbit Found in Depressed State.

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