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OK, I just signed up to be a seller on Ebay and I placed my first item on the block. Linette walked in and saw me doing it and she got mad at me. It’s something she likes. It’s a ceramic rabbit. I’ve had it for years. I bought it a long time ago. It was in the winter and I was depressed. As I sometimes do when I’m depressed, I started to wonder aimlessly. I ended up walking about five miles that day. The place where I stopped and turned around was the place where I found the rabbit. Someone was selling it and some other stuff on a card table in the middle of an almost abandoned shopping mall.

Here’s the write-up I posted on Ebay:

This is a ceramic rabbit. I like it a lot and I don’t really want to sell it. My wife’s friends used it for an ashtray. Somehow, moving across country, it got broken into seven pieces. I glued it back together with Crazy Glue. It may or may not stay together. Right now, it looks pretty solid, but you can see all of the cracks… On the back it says “Made in Italy 6468.” I think that may mean June 4, 1968, but I’m not sure.

Here it is. You can kind of see the cracks that divide the seven pieces.

Linette is hoping that it doesn’t sell, but it would be OK with me if it did. I’m fond of it, but maybe someone else could give it a better home. If you would like to bid on it, you can check it out on Ebay by following this link this link.

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