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So, who shall we vote for, Ypsilanti?

While I have a policy against endorsing local candidates on this site, I don’t see any problem with opening up a thread and inviting those of you with strong opinions one way or another to weigh in on the various races we’ll be voting on come November 4. So, have at it… All I ask […]

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As I think it’s probably against the law for me to command you to vote a certain way tomorrow, let’s just call this friendly advice

Last night, I told you how I intend to vote on Michigan’s six state-wide ballot proposals. And, tonight, my plan, if I can keep from falling asleep, is to tell you what I think about all of the races for elected office, and the local proposals that we’ll be voting on in Ypsilanti. Before we […]

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Parents to meet and discuss the state of Ypsilanti’s public schools in the wake of new Deficit Elimination Plan

The Ypsi School Board, as I suspect you know by now, voted yesterday, at the urging of the State, to pass a Deficit Elimination Plan calling for the closure of yet another school, and the firing of close to 100 teachers and other employees. Parents, and those concerned about the state of Ypsi’s public schools, […]

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An update on Ypsi public schools, and a reminder to vote on Tuesday

As there’s an Ypsi School Board election on Monday, I thought that this might be a good time to check in with our friend Maria Cotera. As you may recall, Maria authored a series of posts on this site, starting in January of last year, on the subject of Ypsilanti’s public schools, and the threats […]

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State Rep David Rutledge warns Ypsi School Board that a Snyder czar is on the way

We’ve discussed it to death here on the site, and I’m not sure how much new ground there is to cover, but our local Representative in the Michigan House, David Rutledge, warned members of the Ypsi School Board yesterday that, unless they found a way to balance their budget, and fast, the Governor was going […]

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