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What does it say about our society when even our priests are proudly declaring that they’re prepared to dispense lethal force?

Ann Arbor Catholic priest Ed Fride is in the news today for encouraging his parishioners at Christ the King Catholic Church to arm themselves. In a letter sent out this past weekend to his flock, Fride explained why he carried a weapon, and why the church would likely be hosting more CPL classes on their […]

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“As a Christian, I have a moral obligation to be capable of defending those for whom I’m responsible.”

Can one of the Bible scholars in the audience help me out with something? I was just watching the WXYZ coverage of yesterday’s tense open carry showdown at Pioneer High, and I have a question. In the piece, Joshua Wade, the 20-something grandson of a former superintendent of Ann Arbor Public Schools who set this […]

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Because you never know when shit might go down at the Pioneer High Choral Cavalcade

Stolen from the pages of Facebook to demonstrate to those outside of Michigan what a thoroughly backward and fucked-up state we find ourselves living in. And, yes, because schools are so fucking terrifying, we have the right here in Michigan to carry loaded weapons around inside of them. [For a more well-thought-out post on the […]

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