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Is Mitt Romney a serial killer? A Super PAC formerly aligned with Stephen Colbert seems to think so

Some folks feel as though Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert, through their humor, are contributing, albeit unintentionally, toward the construction of the post-reality dystopian fantasy world that we now find ourselves living in. And, sometimes, I begrudgingly count myself among them. As much as I enjoy the work of both men, and appreciate the fact […]

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Romney defends corporations, saying that they “are people”

Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney had the following to say to an unruly audience gathered along the campaign trail today in Iowa… “Corporations are people, my friends.” I can’t imagine that’s a message that will help him with the struggling men and women of Iowa, but maybe it’ll resonate with Tea Bagging set, who seem […]

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Corporations given the green light to buy elections

Last night, I posted a video here by Harvard professor Lawrence Lessig about the importance of getting corporate money out of politics. At the time, I agreed with the professor that corporations had way too much influence over American politics. Since I posted it, however, things have gotten considerably worse. This morning, the U.S. Supreme […]

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